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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Happy Birthday Marsha

4 Today 

In her favourite spot , the dolls Bunk Beds that she is far too big for , on top of Amy's wardrobe either sleeping or looking out of the window :) xxx


Blogger Kim B said...

Happy Birthday sweet Marsha!

9:21 pm  
Blogger Daffycat said...

Marsha is a riot!

9:44 pm  
Blogger Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Ahhh...what a sweetie ;)
I think it's funny...she's sleeping on the top bunk! lOL!

10:04 pm  
Blogger Patricia Lessell said...

Happy Birthday Marsha. Hope you got lots and lots of treats. Love Patti xxx

10:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sooo sweet cat! :) Good place for sleep and for watching all around. Happy birthday! :)

9:10 am  
Blogger Siobhán said...

Give Marsha some cuddles and extra treats for us! Happy birthday!

9:44 am  
Blogger Heidi said...

How adorable! Birthday wishes to you Marsha from me (a cat lover) and my sweet Dagi. You and he have matching bushy tails...lol.

Hugs ~

10:16 am  
Blogger Nancy said...

What a gorgeous kitty! Happy Birthday Marsha!

2:20 pm  
Blogger mainely stitching said...

What an adorable picture!! Happy birthday, sweet kitty!

3:12 pm  
Blogger Karoline said...

Cute photo LOL :)

7:52 pm  
Blogger Carol R said...

Happy Birthday to Marsha!

We had a cat who who sleep on top of the bird's cage!

10:17 pm  
Anonymous Cécile said...

Happy birthday Marsha.
I love cats we have two cats at home and they are still on unusual places

7:45 am  
Blogger All things beautiful said...

I'm so happy to see you back in action after the long hiatus. You make such lovely things and are a great inspiration to me.

3:12 am  

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