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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Winter Exchange TO Claudia

I am so pleased, my exchange has arrived to Claudia in Italy !! I should be used to it by now but I do get a bit worried about a safe delivery !!


I am also so pleased that Claudia 'truely loves' receiving another Mary Garry design from me :-)) I have had a lovely email from her :)) This time, for Winter, I have chosen 'Amelia's Ice Skating Remembrance'. This design is a little rarer (?) than the Ice Skating Party, I must say I LOVE them both :-))) I chose this because of the obvious Winter aspect but also because I stitched it on Sunday evenings when 'Dancing on Ice' was on TV!! I stitched Amelia near enough as the colours were stated with a blue hat and scarf and an OD blue coat. I *know* Claudia loves blues :-))) I just pulled colours from my stash so have used a mixture of DMC , GAST and TG Silk n Colours !

I handstitched this French lace around the edge , you can also see the ribbon I used to go around the tin, this was from York :-)) yet again ;-)


I had the best fun creating an inside to my tin (which is actually an empty cigar tin that I got given) . Because it was a cigar tin I had to cover everything as everywhere was covered in writing !! I used felt for the inside of the lid in two colours , I also finished up the last bit of my much loved "River Island' jeans ribbon on this, for the bow, as it went so well :)


On this picture you can see how I lined the inside bottom of the tin, I used a nice gingham fabric that I have, as close as I have found in `England to the gorgeous silk gingham Natalie has :) (I am keeping my piece (silk) from her to me for my MC SPH :) I loved the feel of the tin bottom and could have curled up to sleep on it ;-)


I used 40 count linen in ivory-white (for Winter snow) with 1 strand of thread over 2 and this is my first ever 'Tin' finish :-)


Thank you for your visit, Happy Stitching :) Our Schools break up for a 'Spring Holiday' (Easter was too early for my area ;-) on Friday so I may not be around much for 2 weeks from then for blogging, commenting etc :-)) I do have a little something to show you on my return though ;-))) Take care xx


Blogger Kim B said...

You did such a lovely job! Your finishings are always so beautiful - down to every last detail!

1:04 am  
Blogger BeckySC said...

Absolutely stunning!!! LUCKY, LUCKY, Claudia :)

hugs my friend :)

1:19 am  
Blogger stitcherw said...

Your tin turned out wonderful. What a fun design, and your finishing of it is lovely. Your mom's sesonal exchange pieces you posted earlier were beautiful as well. I can see where you got your stitching bug from. :)

2:38 am  
Blogger Nancy said...

Another feast for the eyes! This is wonderful, and the finishing is just perfect. Claudia must be thrilled!

Enjoy your spring holiday. Ours is this week, and the weather is so spring like.

4:11 am  
Blogger Margaret said...

How can you be so fast at commenting on my latest post?(LOL) Now I just hope no one beats me to being #1 on your's.

What a gorgeous tin for Claudia. She must be thrilled with the lovely stitching and the beautiful finish.

Your mum's exchange pieces are so beautiful Helen. She has a very lucky exchange partner.

Time for bed. Till next time.

6:40 am  
Blogger Carol R said...

That is a great tin finish - beautiful stitching/finishing and lovely photos to show it off (and nice to see you peeping around the tin!)

8:44 am  
Anonymous karenv said...

It's just beautiful Helen! Your attention to detail is amazing and everything co-ordinates perfectly. Gorgeous! :)

8:51 am  
Blogger Barbara said...

Helen, this is just such an incredible piece that you made for the exchange. It's stunning! Your attention to detail just amazes me. And of course, I LOVE Mary Garry!! :D

8:54 am  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Helen what a stunning tin - I can't believe it's your first!! Its really beautifully done and I'm sure Claudia must love it. What a fun exchange this seasonal exchange has been for you :)

10:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous, Helen, you did a wonderful job!

10:42 am  
Blogger cathymk said...

Absolutely perfect! Beautiful work!

10:52 am  
Blogger Irishenchantment said...

great job its wonderful

11:07 am  
Anonymous Lutine said...

So wonderful

12:58 pm  
Blogger Karoline said...

The tin is gorgeous, congratulations

1:00 pm  
Blogger staci said...

Everything about your tin is lovely, you have such an eye for detail and I'm so envious of your flawless finishing!!!

Isn't Mary Garry wonderful? Such a shame that everything is OOP.

3:55 pm  
Blogger Carol said...

Another gorgeous Helen finish! Lucky Claudia!!

5:15 pm  
Blogger Susimac said...

Oooo I love it Helen, its such a beautiful finish, is that one of Marks cigar tins that I gave you? It really is lovely.

6:02 pm  
Blogger Sally said...

Oh wow, Helen, what an incredibly beautiful finish! Claudia is so lucky as it is gorgeous.

6:23 pm  
Blogger angelasweby said...

Your ice skating scene is really exquisite and looks so at home on top of this tin. I love the French lace you have used to trim it, it gives the effect of looking out of a delicate lace curtain at a frozen lake full of the excited happy skaters. I can hear the swish of the skates and see the rosy cheeks of the skaters. The inside of the tin is beautifully co ordinated. You always take so much care with your work, even down to the tiniest detail. Every piece you do tells it's own story :>)
Warm hugs, Angela

6:28 pm  
Blogger sammyjo said...

This is really beautiful, i just love looking at your work!

6:36 pm  
Blogger Deb said...

What a beautiful tin Helen, perfect stitching and finishing as always! :)

Silly girl indeed......

6:43 pm  
Blogger Heidi said...

Not only is it an adorable design but your finish is perfection Helen. I love the ice effect of the little lace edge around the tin. Inside is a feast for the eyes. What a treat for Claudia!

Hugs ~

7:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just perfect! Great job!

8:26 pm  
Blogger Carolien said...

Greetings, Carolien
P.S. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:40 pm  
Blogger flom said...

c'est superbe!!!!

2:00 pm  
Blogger Yuko said...

I saw this at Claudia's blog, too!
Your works are always awesome!
This is so lovely and perfect!

2:05 pm  
Blogger Vonna said...

So beautifully done with such attention to detail! Hurray Helen, it's gorgeous :)

4:32 pm  
Blogger Andrea said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing.

5:36 pm  
Blogger TeresaB said...

I love how you used the tin and made such a lovely piece with it. Amazing. Congrats to you on finishing and lucky Claudia!

5:46 pm  
Blogger Katrina said...

It's so gorgeous! I love it, the colors the finishing are perfect.

5:49 pm  
Blogger Patti said...

Oh it is stunning. I love everything about it and you are so generous as well. Lucky lucky Claudia! Lots of Love Patti xxx

10:05 pm  
Blogger Sheila said...

WOW!!! Can´t believe this is your first tin, it is STUNNING!!! Absolutely STUNNING! WOW again! Truly beautiful :)

10:24 pm  
Blogger Camomille said...

It's so nice !

7:47 pm  
Blogger Marie-P said...

Oh how I wish I were Claudia! She must have been so very happy with this one!
I love MG designs; I have the Ice Skating Party but not this one. Helen, You did a fabulous job on the tin, really it is beautiful.

3:15 am  
Anonymous NatQuebec said...

Wonderful Tin Box ! I love it !

5:20 pm  
Anonymous *vj* said...

so sweet! congratulations for the stitcher!

12:17 pm  
Blogger pascale said...

I love your tin, and wonder how you managed such a nice finish. It gives me an idea, and you will be my inspiration.

4:40 pm  
Blogger pascale said...

I love your tin, and wonder how you managed such a nice finish. It gives me an idea, and you will be my inspiration.

4:42 pm  
Blogger Isabelle said...

What a beautiful tin, Helen! You just keep outdoing yourself, don't you :) *hugs* :)

8:25 pm  
Blogger Susan said...

Helen, it is absolutely stunning! I love it! Congratulations on another beautiful finish - you are definitely an inspiration to us mere mortals :)

11:15 pm  
Blogger Hazel said...

Such a class piece!! I love how it turned out. I also worry about safe delivery too. It causes me far too much stress. xx

4:00 pm  
Blogger Chelle said...

I love this! It is absolutely gorgeous, with just the right bits of trim and lace. Awesome!

6:54 pm  
Blogger tkdchick said...

Wow! You did a beautiful job!

6:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, your tin finish is an absolute stunner - just exquisite (as always) :D

2:02 am  
Blogger Sachiko said...

Absolutely perfect!Lovely!Lovely! Lovely!!!!!

3:19 am  
Blogger Sharon said...

What a lovely stitch and finish! The lace is such a delicate, beautiful trim. Luv it!!!!

5:50 pm  
Blogger Lennu said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful finish, Helen! So perfect and you tell it's your first tin finish ever?! I love the design, I'm sure Claudia loves it :) Everything is perfect in it :) I hope you had a lovely holiday!

10:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hiya just like to say i believe is stitching is truly beautiful and think that is really lovely.

it still amazing on the things we can come up with withjust a few hours patience...

tammie. newbie

12:00 pm  
Anonymous Cécile said...

Helen I'm so happy I can leave comments on your blog again.
Your last works are beautiful.
I hope we can read you soon.

11:29 am  
Blogger Jackie in UK said...

Hi Helen,

I love this exchange gift, it is so pretty! I know that you visit my blog and are an SB fan, so I popped by to let you know that I have just posted the pictures of my completed SB etui. I hope you like it! :-)


Jackie x

9:08 pm  
Blogger Marie-P said...

Stopped by for some inspiration...wondering where you are, hope all is well!

3:16 am  
Blogger Georgie said...

Wow! This is truly stunning! Claudia is so lucky!

10:15 am  
Anonymous Christou said...

je viens juste de connaître ton Blog et je le trouve très sympa.
Bravo, tu as de très belles photos. Bizzzzz Christou

4:23 pm  
Blogger sammyjo said...

all i can say is wow, this is so beautiful!

12:13 pm  
Blogger belinda said...


9:55 pm  

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