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Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Some things in life are perfect...

This is one of them...the Stargazer Lily from the 3 stems I have in my room just now...they are nearly 3ft tall and very impressive and very strong smelling! Quite stunning...

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Blogger Nicki said...

Aaahhh, beautiful! I love Stargazers. :)

4:43 am  
Blogger Dianne said...

You've been blogging since April? How did I miss you?
Your blog is really neat.
I can just smell that starglazer lily now.

6:14 am  
Blogger Lili said...

Perfection! If only we could "translate" such beauty in cross stitch! With this perfection!
Cameras definitely are a great invention! lol!
Thanks for sharing, Lena-Lou!
Take care!

8:39 am  
Blogger IsaB said...

I love these flowers too...they are just perfect...no other word!!!!

1:54 pm  
Blogger Von said...

The flower is perfection and you caught its beauty perfectly. :D

5:18 pm  
Blogger Meari said...

That's a beautiful flower! Makes me miss my gardens. *sigh*

9:52 pm  
Blogger Barbara said...

Mother Nature sure was paying attention when she made this one! :)

10:47 pm  
Blogger Susimac said...


5:40 pm  
Anonymous Minic said...

Dear Lena-Lou,

Thanks for your visit on my blog. The redwork set you like is a chart by Coeur de Lin (sold at Craft Corner - Belgian shop), named "Trésors de Brodeuses".



10:52 am  
Blogger lena-lou said...

Thank-you Minic
regards lena-lou

11:24 am  
Anonymous Chia said...

I can almost smell it overhere Lena-Lou ;)

Kind regards from The Netherlands.

9:35 pm  

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