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Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Enjoying the sun...

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis is my scruffy puppy Hamish who is 11 months old enjoying our spell of sunshine...doesn't he make a lovely flower :-) He is going to the grooming parlour next week to get his hair done ready for our holidays but he rolls in the soil and digs like mad so is never pure white and immaculate for long lol...

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Blogger Barbara said...

Now that's a unique flower!!

1:31 pm  
Blogger Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Lena-Lou:

Oh your little Hamish is just so adorable!! I am so glad you put his picture up here! Thank you for your comment on my blog! You are my first one too! :-) I wasn't able to attend the class for Just Nan, but hopefully I will be able to figure out how to put it all together! You do just beautiful work here and it appears you are talented in doing websites too! Your blog is beautiful! I should be so talented!! You inspire me to work on my projects! Debby L.

2:29 pm  
Blogger Susimac said...

Ahh Hamish, does he smell of Eau de dog??? He can come and grow in his Aunty Su's garden anytime.

4:34 pm  
Blogger lena-lou said...

Its a strange plant this one Su...not much scent till it gets wet in the rain lol

5:27 pm  
Blogger Nicki said...

Oh, he's just adorable! I'm surprised he stayed there long enough for you to take a photo though - he looks as if he's outgrown the pot!

11:19 pm  
Blogger lena-lou said...

Nicki he stays there for ages its his favourite spot in the garden. He only put his head up when I called his name for the picture. Maybe he likes the tight squeeze or maybe I should re-pot him? lol

12:05 am  
Blogger Meari said...

Hahahaha! He looks so adorable as a potted plant!

5:08 pm  
Blogger Singular Stitches said...

Hamish is absolutely adorable! He's the canine version of the Anne Geddes pictures! :o)

2:38 am  

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