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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Todays mail :)

I love nice mail and today I received an exciting little package from The Netherlands :-)) I entered a competition Barbara ran, for a bit of fun, on her blog, for an 'Unbirthday' gift and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners!! This is the pretty gift that I have received from her :-)) The design is by 'Indigo Rose' and came with such a lovely letter saying why Barbara chose to do this design for me, thank-you that is so nice of you !! This is my first 'Floss Fob and I think it is great :-)) It really is delicate and has one of those pretty MOP hearts holding a really pretty blue shaded VC silk :-))


Like I said in my email Barbara..... this has made my day and I am delighted thanks again !! :-)))


Blogger Sally said...

What a beautiful floss fob from Barbara. It's so delicate and pretty.

1:48 pm  
Blogger Annemarie said...

What a sweet, gorgeous un-birthday gift from Barbara, and so you, too!

2:30 pm  
Anonymous NatQuebec said...

very nice surprise gift :-)

2:47 pm  
Blogger Kim B said...

That is so beautiful! The colors are perfect for spring. How thoughtful!

2:48 pm  
Blogger Carol said...

That was fantastic of Barbara - I missed the whole thing, as my limited blog reading time often leads to.... just beautiful - congratulations!

3:49 pm  
Blogger Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is very lovely! Enjoy!

3:56 pm  
Blogger Nicki said...

Oooh, such pretty delicate colours :) That's just lovely. I'm not surprised it's made your day!

3:58 pm  
Blogger Barbara said...

Yay! I'm so glad you like it!! :D

4:29 pm  
Blogger Becky K in OK said...

The fob is so pretty. Congrats.

8:38 pm  
Blogger Carla said...

what a pretty gift!!!

9:52 pm  
Blogger Susan said...

It's so pretty, Helen. Barbara did a lovely job!

10:49 pm  
Blogger Stitch Wizard said...

Oh that is beautiful Helen!! I bet you were so excited to get it and it looks like something you would just love! I also love the design you did for tea! How pretty!! It is good to see you blogging here!! I love hearing from you!! Debby :)

12:25 am  
Blogger Nancy said...

This is so pretty, and I love the finishing idea and also that it is an un-birthday gift!

1:42 am  
Blogger Wendy said...

Oh, how beautiful! Barbara did a fantastic job with her stitching and I love the pink hearts and the matching mother of pearl heart to hold the floss. Wonderful job!!

12:06 pm  
Blogger Karoline said...

It's gorgeous Helen, congratulations to Barbara

1:15 pm  
Blogger staci said...

What a gorgeous un-birthday gift! The colors, stitching and finishing are wonderful!

2:23 pm  
Blogger Deborah/LavenderRose said...

What a very un-birthday, to you!!!

2:33 am  
Blogger Garden Girl said...

Very sweet ~ what a lovely gift!

2:46 am  
Blogger tkdchick said...

So delicate and pretty!

1:46 am  
Blogger Stephanie said...

What a gorgeous floss fob - it is really delicate and beautiful - it's perfect for you :)

9:50 am  

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