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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Just quick

Please if you get the chance can you go and look at my little DD's blog as she has done a cracking Cross-Stitch exchange recently with Vonna's little DD Katie . Just check out what these young ladies age 8 & 9 yrs have been able to do!! We had better watch out ;-))

Amy has been sent such a beautiful gift from Nela all the way from Venezuela that she has put on her blog and oh boy has this lady done her proud, I am STUNNED !! Amy also recieved a pretty gift from my friend Colette today as well she will put that on her blog next. I just want to say to all you wonderful kind ladies, a huge big THANK-YOU to you all, for thinking of my little DD and welcoming her to the stitching world in such a kind way. Not only those who have sent her gifts but those of you who have left her such great comments. We love our comments at any age ;-)) but more especially when you are young like her and Katie. You have all touched my heart and I know you have made my DD very happy.


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