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Sunday, 6 May 2007

Gift Number 1 for Nicki

The other day Nicki let me know that the gift I sent her as a wee thank-you for her comments to my blog had arrived :-) I know that Nicki is very fond of red and that she likes alphabets so I decided to copy the alphabet from the beautiful Pinkeep Colette sent me but do it in a red shade. I have stitched this on 40ct raw linen that I got from the Needlework show at Newcastle in March, I can't remember the shade of red that I used now but I chose it as it went so well with the linen colour and the ribbon I wanted to use. I used couch stitch again to hold the ribbon in place...remember my fear of glue ;-/ and simple pearl coloured pins. I did try bright red pins as I know Nicki loves bright red but they didn't quite blend in.

Pinkeep Front

For the back...I had a briliant idea at about midnight on the night I was finishing it to use a tiny piece of Lene Bjerre net lace fabric I had for the back. I have stitched our initials and the date onto it too. I love how the rose and trailing leaves look but I could not get a 'perfect' finish to it as the tiny piece of net fabric was not quite big enough to tuck in. However it does look neat even though it would not tuck in and I think it looks just a little bit different. This was the first of my little gifties that I made. I know that Von's has arrived so I will put that on my blog next time:-)

Pinkeep Back

Hope you are all having a nice weekend, we are lucky and have a Bank Holiday here tomorrow :-))) Thank-you again for stopping by to visit my blog, I think I am 'about' caught up with everybody again and I must say there are some fantastic pieces of work in all of your blogs. I have been looking at all of yours so much that all I have got done this past week is my Pinkeep for the exchange but I am happy with how that has turned out and it is now on its way. My days clock on by so quickly but I have set myself a challenge...on Becky's blog this past week she stitched and finished a lovely little basket in a morning!! I am going to see if I can get my little snip basket done on morning this coming week, some hope I have but I can daydream of being 'Miss Speedy Needle' ;-))

A quick thing I wanted to let you know about is Carol has set up a new blog to showcase stitched freebie designs. this is a brilliant idea as it is sooo much better to see them in colour and brilliant to see them as a finish. Anyone can join in so pop over there and have a look.


Blogger Concetta said...

Nicki's pinkeep is absolutely stunning... Lucky Nicki. :-) You always take such fantastic photos too, it's always such a treat to catch up with your blog.

1:11 am  
Blogger Chelle said...

Lovely pinkeep! The back is beautiful, so creative!

1:16 am  
Blogger Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The pinkeep is so cute! You are just amnazing!

1:28 am  
Blogger Isabelle said...

That is so beautiful Lena - and just perfect for our dear Nicki!

8:43 am  
Blogger Barbara said...

Very nice indeed! I find the back of the pinkeep quite unique! Very creative!

8:44 am  
Blogger Nicki said...

I love my pinkeep! Thank you again so much. It really is gorgeous. The only trouble is that the back is so pretty too I'm not sure which side to display! I'll have to turn it round every few days :)

9:52 am  
Blogger Karoline said...

The pin-keep is lovely, congratulations. Love the photo of Marsha, my two seem to think that the only way to accessories needlework is with a cat as well LOL.

I'm also looking forward to meeting at CA's class in November :)

10:02 am  
Blogger Susimac said...

This is a real stunner Helen - its so pretty a gift worth receiving - no wonder Nicki was so delighted I know I would be its a real beauty

11:25 am  
Blogger Annemarie said...

That is just a lovely pinkeep, Helen. You're right, the back isn't perfect... hahahahahaha! Got you there, didn't I? What do you mean it isn't perfect? You're mad, woman! But very talented. {{{hugs}}}

11:36 am  
Blogger Nancy said...

The pinkeep you have made is beautiful! I love how you made the back. It's very clever and makes the pinkeep very elegant.


1:21 pm  
Blogger Barbara said...

That's gorgeous, Helen! I love the back - it's so unique! Great job, once again! (I'm stalking our mail carrier, but to no effect so far.)

1:21 pm  
Blogger Cheryl said...

What a beautiful gift!

2:01 pm  
Anonymous NatQuebec said...

You pinkeep is very nice ! What a nie idea for the back of it !

2:15 pm  
Blogger BeckySC said...

It's so lovely, Helen :) And so thoughful of you :)
Have a lovely week.

4:06 pm  
Anonymous VavadesNeiges said...

your pinkeep is adorable :)

4:12 pm  
Anonymous Svenja said...

The pinkeep is absolutely beautiful! The back is very pretty, great finishing!

4:13 pm  
Blogger Vonna said...

Such a lovely little pinkeep :) I admired it on Nicki's blog too!
Carol's idea was a fabulous one! I joined too :)
Becky does such wonderful stitching and so fast that it makes my head spin!
And happy belated birthday to your gorgeous furbaby Marsha! :)

5:41 pm  
Anonymous Cécile said...

Waow the back is a beautiful work

6:58 pm  
Blogger Jacqui said...

That pinkeep is lovely. I was at the show in Newcastle in March...maybe I saw you there. LOL.

9:44 pm  
Blogger Carol said...

What a lovely and thoughtful gift!

4:53 am  
Blogger Carla said...

That's a beautiful pinkeep. I like the way you did the back of it :)

7:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This little pinkeep is beautiful. I love the way you have finished it with the net on the back. You always take so much care and stitch lots of love into everything you make :>)
Best wishes Angela

6:59 pm  

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