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Wednesday, 31 October 2007


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Halloween originated in Great Britain and Ireland. It was derived from the name all hallows eve the Catholic holiday in celebration of all the saints.

The Irish introduced the tradition to America during the 1840's when many were fleeing their country to escape the potato famine.

The Irish also introduced America to the more superstitious folk lore surrounding Halloween as we know it today, that of witches and evil spirits.

To keep ghosts away from their houses on Halloween, people would place bowls of food outside their homes to appease the ghosts and prevent them from entering.

Trick or Treat

Halloween was a time for making mischief - many parts of England still recognise Halloween as Mischief Night - when children would knock on doors demanding a treat (Trick or Treat) and people would disguise themselves as witches, ghosts, kelpies and spunkies, in order to obtain food and money from nervous householders.

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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Time flies on by........

It has been some weeks since I have been around in blogging world...September started as I knew it would... as a very busy month. My DD celebrated her 9 years :-)) during the rest of the time so much has happened and I have had no time or feeling to play or stitch! In truth, I have been feeling a bit of everything because of a sadness forced upon us most unexpectedly and suddenly. I have had no energy left over to try to keep up with the blogging/my cyber world as the real world has demanded so much of me. However :) I now feel as if life is little by little getting back to normal, the last 2 nights I have actually slept :) and that now my mind is once more feeling much more my own with a few less demands on it.

To mark this getting back to normal I want to tell you of a little time I have just very much enjoyed...I think you all must know that I love the city of York :-)) My husband and myself celebrated our 11 year anniversary a couple of days ago on 26th October and to mark the occasion we were able to go and spend a child free ( thanks so much Mum & Dad :) time in one of my favourite places. As well as the city itself being a major attraction for me we also pass this small window...it is one of those places that if you notice it...you just have to go in...would you like to come in too?

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Betty's Tea Rooms are no ordinary cafe and if you are ever near one of the 6 in the North of England you really should take the time to experience it :) They have been open since 1919 and this is my very favourite of them all...although maybe the smallest and most discreet and so easily passed by...however if you do stop to admire the current beautiful window display of cakes and other scrumptious things and pass through the tiny shop itself on your way to the cafe part upstairs...your eyes will immediately fall upon this secret treasure in the hallway...

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Mary Jefferson's Sampler

This is a very old sampler and is one of two matching ones that sit either side of this beauty below which was stitched by a girl of only 9 years old and stitched in 1835... this is clickable for a better view :)

Hannah Hartley Cowgills
Age 9 1835

As you go up the tiny , low, crooked staircase towards your tea-room destination your eyes will immediately fall upon this next treasure that you can see below now...this is so old IRL you can see it is very discoloured with age and practically falling to bits...literally hanging by a thread...even so... very, very beautiful... :-)))

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Mary Smoosmith
Age 13 1811

Turning on the staircase just near the top you will feast your eyes on this last beautiful old, old sampler again stitched by a very young girl.......

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Anne Graham
Age 9 A.D. 1834

Finally you reach the place where time seems to stand still...at least for a little while and all tiredness is forgotten...beautiful food, fresh and dainty is served with simple white china and silver service...you can even still see my tea-pot...yes :-))) I was very pleased with the day !!

Hope you enjoyed it too :-))

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I have the aim...don't I always?... lol ... of getting things done! I had finished one small gift a few weeks ago along with receiving a small gift or two...I shall keep you waiting to see another time ;-))
Sorry in advance! but I may still not be able to keep up with you all as I take up my needle again to stitch for a class I have in only 3 weeks time...this is exciting for me and I hope to have my stitching done for it, if possible :)) All will be revealed, I hope quite soon :-))

Take care ladies and thank-you so much for the awards I have received recently which are a very special honour, I am thrilled and delighted you have thought of me :-))

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