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Wednesday 20 October 2021

Mrs W

 Mrs W is a very old lady now who has been in charge of 'stitching' a tapestry, or embroidery for an impressive 68 years and maybe one more?

During this time, usually on a Wednesday (every week), there is a meeting of , in private,  with whoever happens to be the current 'Top' needle embroiderer person,  who for all appearances seems to be more in charge of 'stitching' the tapestry at the time?

There have been, I believe,  14 of these 'Top' embroidery individuals over the 68 years attending weekly private meetings with Mrs W,  who legally 'owns'  the MOST Aida squares of the total cloth available to anyone. 

The biggest 'cloth' holder and boss in the stitching world!! 

Impressively,  Mrs W also has so much gold thread to stitch with,  with owning ALL the gold thread which a country can produce. 

Owning enough forests  to produce more frames and hoops and wood frame comfortable seating than our local or internet shop could possibly dream of offering. 

Mrs W is quite the  'owner' of most of the entire stitching force who stitch the tapestry of life?

Mighty needles at work stitch furiously away, usually quietly,  to try to create a finished piece. 

Who perhaps produces the 'chart' for the stitching? 

Is it Mrs W ?  Or, is it the current 'Top' needle embroiderer  person? 

Maybe these private stitching meetings that occur weekly should be televised or put out on the internet, made more public,  so we all know how to thread up, even without gold thread to be able to know the chart we are stitching to!!  

Watch out for Mrs W as possibly this lady pulls more threads for Hardanger pieces in an embroiderd world than we give any thought to? 


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