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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Popping in to blogland .....


...... to say a big hello to you all . I have really missed you this past couple of months !! I am so sorry to say but for now this is only going to be a quick in and out !
We are doing a lot of work in our home, inside we ( we = me and my Dad helping me) have totally stripped the old wooden floor downstairs right back. It is gorgeous, gorgeous now but oh boy !! unless you have done this you do not realise the mess it makes and work it creates !! I have not even been connected on-line for quite a while!! It is quite an old house I live in, full of character, still LOL some things have got beyond 'full of character' and have to be renovated before they literally drop out onto the floor (a couple of windows) !! So, next thing is to get all our windows and outside doors replaced, then I am having our hall, stairs and landings all re-plasted and really fancy to renovate the staircase back to wood........ yep you got it LOL I am doing loads of house things which turn out to be wonderful but create SO MUCH mess on the way !! We have had a family holiday in West Wales since I was last here and I was so glad of that as I was fair worn out ! Maybe some-time I will get the time to tell you about it and show some pictures :-))

However enough of that :)) the main reason for this post is........ it is my great pleasure to call in to share with you this latest , lovely exchange that Leena has sent to me. This time for 'Spring' I have received this cute Bunny pillow 'Happy Bunny Bunny Day' by The Trilogy. As usual I am totally delighted with Leenas choice and the quality of her work, she really is a master of the needle and I hope you can all see the neatness and quality of her work?? If not then you just have to take my word for it ;-)) I wondered for a moment or two if this was actually my favourite of the four 'Seasonal Exchanges' that Leena has made me ! Then when I see them all together I know I love each one as much as the next and will always treasure them :-))) Yes, I have been lucky to have such a lovely lady as my partner for this past year.


Not only was I lucky enough to receive beautiful stitching I also received other wonderful gifts one of my favourites is this pretty special wee Bunny ornament that you can see above, created by a Finnish artist. I have really fell in love with this too and it lives in my bedroom. So simple but so prettily elegant and dainty :-)) Here you can see both of my Finnish bunnies together posing for thie Spring-time picture ;-)) Lucky girl aint I :-))) Thank-you so so much again Leena for making this a beautiful year in stitches, I feel quite sad it is the last one , I shall miss you being my partner xxx


My exchange for Spring (the last one here too) is on its way to Claudia in Italy so I guess I will try to be back when it arrives , the post is slow to Italy from England so it could be a little while ;-)

Normal life may be resumed - hopefully after the summer and I won't seem like the worst blogging friend ever once I have the chance to start checking in on you all again. I just dare not at the moment as that will be it, it will eat all my time up again before I know it ;-))) I am sure when there is a bit less going on here - demanding my time and attention that I shall get the urge to put my creativity back into stitchy things instead of House Design. I certainly hope so as I have been buying some stunning new stash but hush for now I am focused on my home :-)))

Take care, have sunny days and happy stitches until the next time and thanks if anybody still passes by ? :)

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