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Sunday, 17 May 2009

From one 'H' to another...

After getting over Marsha's birthday celebrations and waiting for The Royal Mail to do their thing ;-) here I am with a little something to show.


Part of a design taken from the chart by Little House Needlework 'Home of a Needleworker (too)'


I stitched this for one of our blogging friends and by sheer luck it happened to arrive smack - bang on time, exactly on the day of........her birthday !! Whooo hooo - Now, if I had tried to get it there on time I would have failed miserably, so I am feeling very pleased with myself for this unknown punctuality :-))) I stitched this on 40ct using DMC threads that I matched up more or less to the cover photo........ apart from, I couldn't resist a Red front door on my house ;-) I always fancy my 'real' house, because of its bay windowed style, to be Black (guttering & down pipes ) White (windows) & Red (front door), next time it is painted outside I think I might go for this look!

I am still working on my Brenda Keyes sampler (I LOVE it but just do not stitch quick enough for my liking! I shall keep the stamina going, I shall keep the stamina going, I shall..... but SORRY (to myself) have to admit I have drifted off (go on, admit it you all knew I would ;-) actually this is the third time I have 'difted') and have nearly finished a BBD mini chart, of course LOL this is just a TEMPORARY hitch and I will be back to BK even before I can think of an excuse in my head not to be. Do you follow ?? Maybe not ?! On that note have a lovely Sunday and thanks for calling by, I am baking Fairy Cakes tomorrow if you fancy to stop for a chat and the kettle is always on ......

Take care , happy stitching

Ooops nearly forgot.   Edited to add : Did you know Ellen Chester the lovely designer behind 'With my Needle ' now has a blog ? You can find her here  :-))  Thanks Claudia for the original info :) 

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Happy Birthday Marsha

4 Today 

In her favourite spot , the dolls Bunk Beds that she is far too big for , on top of Amy's wardrobe either sleeping or looking out of the window :) xxx

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Good Morning and Happy Weekend Everybody

It will be a good one here as it is a long weekend for May Day Bank Holiday :-) The weather looks bright and like it is going to be cheerful, fingers crossed, hope nobody has ordered the usual UK Bank Holiday rain ?

I have got some mighty big plans for this weekend I do hope I fit it all in! I must be excited as I went to sleep at 1.30am dreaming of a nice Saturday lie-in until little DS gets up at about 7 ish (well I did say dreaming of a lie-in). BUT I had an attack of insomnia waking at 4.30 am, couldn't get back to sleep so came downstairs of a cup of tea and hey, I am still here!

Why the excitement, I hear you ask, I have decided to become Barbara Good from 'The Good Life' . I am going to pull out my old dungarees (to look the part) and *make* our garden grow some organic vegetables . However , like Barbara I don't really have much of a clue but surely it can't be that difficult, can it? I'll just plant them in amongst the flowers and hope for the best, well , should I say hope I don't poison us all by doing that ! I have some little seed pots to start some of them off but others can go straight into the ground. I am really hoping growing some veg ourselves will encourage DS to fancy eating it a bit more, will it work , do you think ;-) ? Oh NO ! I have just realised that I have forgotten the all important potatos! I am right into the idea of natural alternatives , so is my neighbour - I think , as I saw them pouring what looked awfully like cooking oil of some variety into their car the other day..... no, I am NOT that naturally alternative !!


For the other time, I am off to a Farmers Market this morning and going on a hunt for the April issue of Quiltmania, the one with BBD in and Potatos now , of course. I plan to get back to my Brenda Keyes sampler (once I have scrubbed my hands of soil) as I can tell my stamina is waning with me not stitching as fast as I would like. I haven't picked it up in a few weeks ! I must summons up 'my stitching stamina' like you all seem to possess, can anybody loan me some ? I also have Mount Ironmore to plough my through, thing is if I start that bang will go the whole weekend as there is that much........ maybe I will just phone the Iron Ladies instead. So we will see what happens to my intentions as DD and DS have intentions of their own, of the Sleepover variety and a trip out somewhere nice!!

Here are some nice grainy wobbly pictures taken with my camera before it went totally caput , modeled by The Winter Fairy who has been re-visiting this past week! She has packed her bags and gone until December seen as I made her work ;-)


This was the BELIEVE freebie from the lovely Tanya .


I stitched it 1 over 1 , left off the snowflake bits and made up the border round the design . I cannot remember the linen or thread colours I used but they were Dark Brown, Green and Deep Red.


I used some Organza ribbon for the hanger and another couple of bits and bobs to pretty it up , it is really small and I love it :)

While I remember seen as I have mentioned her earlier ...... Brenda Keyes who owns 'The Sampler Company' has a website , not only can you see her wonderful designs here but she sells other interesting things including some one-off ready stitched samplers and the most gorgeous Sampler Hearts. Go have a look by clicking on her logo below :-)))

Enjoy :-)

P.S. Does my blog display correctly to you all? Are all 5 pictures in one line across? I had not realised until I was at a friends the other day that there had been a problem with how it looked for months as it always looked fine on my computer. I hope it is fixed now, I have got my html errors down from 87 to only 15 :) Thanks again Leena for helping me and keep looking.

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