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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Let the holidays begin.....


Yippee :-))) Last day of school yesterday and now to look forward to 6 weeks without the school time schedule imposed on us !

I am off out for the day so this is just a quick post to show you the gift I made for DS's teacher . I used the Lizzie*Kate Snippet chart S38. I stitched this on Antique White 40ct linen 1/1 (full crosses) with colours that I thought would suit the teacher. I used a mix of Sampler threads and DMC. I decided to frame it as I really wanted to use the big rusty heart you can see along with the design, I had this tiny 2" wooden frame and it all came together very nicely for me :-)) DS's teacher was very pleased, so mission accomplished ;-)) For DD's teacher I made her a Rose Scented Sachet just like this one here that I have shown you before when I first started blogging .


Thank-you so much to Deb, Staci and Sally for the great honour of the awards I have been presented with this week, from you :-))) You have not only made my day - you have also made me want to stitch with renewed vigour !!

I shall edit this post later to put my links in etc, for now I must dash.

Have a nice day all :-))

Tuesday, 15 July 2008



I have pinched this French word as I think it sounds like 'posh-on' ;-) and I quite like that cheeky little name for my little gift that has got to Debby (stitchwizard) . This has gone to live far, far away in Texas US and is a combined thank-you and cheer up gift to Debby who is such a nice lady :-)) Sounds like it has worked too and that makes me so happy to know :-)) Do you want to see what is in Debby's Pochon ;-) then look below ........


A little Pinkeep and Fob , I have used last years Prairie Schooler freebie design from Spring but changed the linen colour and thread colours. This photo above shows them about actual size.


Above now you can see the fob a bit closer , I stitched our initials and used the little bunny and flower from the main design.


This is the backing fabrics that I used from the Moda Blackbird Designs 'Madeira' collection, I think they all go so nicely together to be the same but different. Then finally below, the little set as a whole.
I used a spotty fabric to line the bag and make the cuff to that I added a piece of vintage gold lace. Other little details are brown silk ribbon to all pieces for finishing, including the bag handle and small wooden beads to the sides of the bag where the handle is attached. I added a teeny tiny pink silk bow to the 'For Debby' label.


Thank-you for all the lovely comments on my last posting, it is nice to know some of you still pass by my little corner. I think you have all done some wonderful stitching and finishing and been so busy with your needles, I must say I really enjoyed looking again at all your work !!! I was busy busy today but not with my needle. I shall have to snap back into action as I should really get a couple of teacher gifts for my DD and DS , of some description, done ready for next week !! :-))
Right , on that note, I had better get to bed and get thinking!!


BTW my lack of links lately is I have forgotten how to do them and it is too late for me to go to an old posting to look it up ! Links are in my sidebar though if you want them :-))

Saturday, 12 July 2008

To Italy with Love.....

Finally this last exchange of the Four Seasons series from Becky's BB 'Seasonal Exchangers' has reached its destination to Claudia in Italy, I must say the Italian post has me sitting on the edge of my seat !!


I chose for Spring, to stitch Blackbird Designs 'Vintage Blooms'.   I love this pretty design :-))   I stitched 1 over 2 on 40ct Lambswool using DMC threads that are not the correct numbers as charted but are near enough. I finished it, just very simply into this wonderful wooden box lid as I knew the colours would be just perfect together :-)) Hope you think so too !

I am not in any more exchanges at the moment as I have rather too much on just now and I wanted to use some time to finish some little gifts I have been in the process of making for some of my stitching friends :-))  One has been on its way for over a week so it should arrive soon, I hope!! This is going to take this sweet lady completely by surprise LOL  


Thanks for your visits you are very welcome and I always appreciate the comments you leave for me........ with the lack of sunshine around here they certainly brighten my day :-))
P.S. When the sun, this summer in England, decides to shine long enough for me to get my camera out and lighten up the grey sky, I shall take some pictures of my home to share with you, not that I am any good at all taking pictures of rooms but I will have a go ;-))

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