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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Winter Exchange TO Claudia

I am so pleased, my exchange has arrived to Claudia in Italy !! I should be used to it by now but I do get a bit worried about a safe delivery !!


I am also so pleased that Claudia 'truely loves' receiving another Mary Garry design from me :-)) I have had a lovely email from her :)) This time, for Winter, I have chosen 'Amelia's Ice Skating Remembrance'. This design is a little rarer (?) than the Ice Skating Party, I must say I LOVE them both :-))) I chose this because of the obvious Winter aspect but also because I stitched it on Sunday evenings when 'Dancing on Ice' was on TV!! I stitched Amelia near enough as the colours were stated with a blue hat and scarf and an OD blue coat. I *know* Claudia loves blues :-))) I just pulled colours from my stash so have used a mixture of DMC , GAST and TG Silk n Colours !

I handstitched this French lace around the edge , you can also see the ribbon I used to go around the tin, this was from York :-)) yet again ;-)


I had the best fun creating an inside to my tin (which is actually an empty cigar tin that I got given) . Because it was a cigar tin I had to cover everything as everywhere was covered in writing !! I used felt for the inside of the lid in two colours , I also finished up the last bit of my much loved "River Island' jeans ribbon on this, for the bow, as it went so well :)


On this picture you can see how I lined the inside bottom of the tin, I used a nice gingham fabric that I have, as close as I have found in `England to the gorgeous silk gingham Natalie has :) (I am keeping my piece (silk) from her to me for my MC SPH :) I loved the feel of the tin bottom and could have curled up to sleep on it ;-)


I used 40 count linen in ivory-white (for Winter snow) with 1 strand of thread over 2 and this is my first ever 'Tin' finish :-)


Thank you for your visit, Happy Stitching :) Our Schools break up for a 'Spring Holiday' (Easter was too early for my area ;-) on Friday so I may not be around much for 2 weeks from then for blogging, commenting etc :-)) I do have a little something to show you on my return though ;-))) Take care xx

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