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Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Something a bit sad...

I feel that this lady from www.angelsblue.com says what I would like to say and I have just changed a few words so it reads better in English.
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Each day, I visited a blog which inspired to me, gave me desire? Of going further in the embroidery.
Today, this blog does not exist any more this embroidering-machine has had an insult of the one of its articles?
Is this jealousy, the desire or another thing, I do not know?
I know simply that I will miss it!
With bient?VeroMPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Whatever the reasons I respect Vero's decision and would like to thank her for all she shared and showed us! BUT come back sooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE we all will miss you


Monday, 26 June 2006

Just a small thing...

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingI have had a very busy week with this, that and the other...so this is just a quick update as its nearly a week since I have blogged! It has taken me ages and I mean ages this time to decide what to stitch next. While I have been dilly dallying I have changed my template for a more summery look...I am ever hopeful that we will have a return of the 'sunshine' as it has been pretty cold here, loads of rain and quite windy - infact I think it is getting me down a bit !! Come on sunshine, I need you, I am starting to crave you !! Won't you shine for me because quite frankly just what is going on ? ?

Talking cross-stitch again after all that's why you are here..... (but you could join in (while you are here) on a sun worshipper dance with me just to tempt it into action ;-) ... I have got so many really nice charts and some quite special kits and my problem is I want to do them all!! So consequently I have spent loads of time looking and re-looking through my stash. I don't know if anybody else gets like this with themselves (this is new to me)? Then at the weekend I found again a chart I have had for some time. It will be a needlecase...can you guess who by? I will post some updates of progress through the week as hopefully it won't even take me too long with my tiny bit of spare time to stitch. :-)

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingHave a lovely week everyone

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Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Some things in life are perfect...

This is one of them...the Stargazer Lily from the 3 stems I have in my room just now...they are nearly 3ft tall and very impressive and very strong smelling! Quite stunning...

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Sunday, 18 June 2006

My Stitching Area 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I have enjoyed looking at peoples stitching areas lately and decided to show where I sit and cross-stitch most of the time. I don't have my own stitching room but would love one...one day! I keep my favourite 'stash' in the chest of drawers that you can see in the alcove. I am nice and comfortable where I sit on my feather and down settee with good natural lighting flooding in from the bay windows and its nice to sit with my family...although I do long for a bit of peace at times...lol :-)

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE DADS especially mine!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Friday, 16 June 2006

Trendy Heart

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingAs you can see I still have not put my sewing machine away yet :-) Once I get it out usually thats it...I love it !! Such a shame it only gets a temporary spot on the dining room table and has to be moved 2 to 3 times a day for meals. However, the advantage is I have lots of room to spread out on the table and I like that bit :-) I have fabric, ribbons, buttons, embelishments of all kinds , beads , threads , pins, scissors, lace ........a real 'crafty' mess LOL. Do you love being in a crafty mess too ?
This little scented set is probably going to be a gift for someone... the scented sachet hearts are something I did make fairly often. I used to make my hearts and sell them to a gift shop in a Market town near me but got a bit fed up of making to order so have not made any in a good while. I think I had a case of burn out! Anyway inspiration struck me this week (plus a bit of missing making them in a while) and I decided whilst on a creative roll to try to do something a bit different and thought up the little handbag...so I set to, cutting out and 'playing' as I call it and this little bag you can see is the result...I may experiment and do more variations of these to see what else I can come up with.

I shall get myself back to cross-stitch now I have had a little change as much for an instant finishing fix as anything ;-) . One day I shall learn patience does have it virtues, hey ladies I might even get a sampler of some description stitched one day ;-) I have a lovely kit for some 'smalls' and want to start that and I really fancy to do another mail art as a surprise for my Mum as I like them now I have started.

Have a goodPhotobucket - Video and Image Hostingeveryone

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on the mail art exchange...I appreciate it very much

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Wednesday, 14 June 2006

What a nice day...

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe mail art that Su sent to me for our 'summer' mail art exchange has arrived today and its beautiful. It is stitched on linen banding which works really well for envelope size. Su has used linen threads for this which give it a lovely faded kind of look.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe back is really nice with a little picture of my cat Marsha and a lady (me, well why not ;) in her garden. Su has done tiny 1/1 butterflies fluttering through the garden. Some of the 'flowers' are little wee buttons to match with the front of the envelope.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis next picture is a close up of the detail including the buttons for the flowers around the base and twirling up the birdhouse stem. Thank-you so much Su I LOVE it :-)

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSpeaking of a nice day...I got another little surprise from my Mum today...the things in the picture below are from her. There are post it notes wishing me a nice day, 2 lovely pieces of cotton fabric, a Yankee 'Fresh Cut Roses' tart, small wooden beads, a really sweet little handbag on a wire to hang up and last but not least the tiniest, prettiest gold 'victorian' looking frame...now I will have to do a tiny picture to go in that. Thank-you so much Mum and Su...I am having a 'nice day' thanks to you both ;-)))

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Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Mail Art Exchange

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI have done a mail art exchange with Su and now it has arrived I can show you the pictures. Our theme was Summer and we decided to mail them this week instead of the 1st day of summer (21st) as we had both finished and were excited to see what each other had come up with. This is the first mail art I have done and I thoroughly enjoyed it...my 1st picture shows the front before it was sent of course.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis picture shows the lining fabric and the back with the envelope flap up and the little summer verse I made up just so there was a surprise when it was opened. I used nice buttons on this as I knew Su would love them.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThis picture is just to show a closer view of the verse, I used over dyed threads on this envelope and took my main inspiration from a Shepherds Bush chart I had but I modified and adapted it quite a bit so it would fit. I used smyrna stitches for the flower centres and the little row of purple tiny flowers.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe last picture is a full view of the back including the pink shell button that I used to seal it down ready for its journey in the mail.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI am so pleased that you love it Su...and to know it made your day :-)

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Rose scented sachet

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingI had my machine out yesterday and decided to make this while I did. The little sachet is filled with rose buds and smells delightful. I made it from a suedette fabric...that part is done with the sewing machine, all the extra bits and pieces were hand sewn. This picture shows it all...

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingThis picture is a close up of the bow (the organza ribbon is also rose scented) and the beads I used as the tie...

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingThis is a picture of the back view to which I also added the antique beads along the bottom so if it twisted around it would not be plain.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingThis next picture is a nice close up of the bottom at the back to show the beads and edging I used.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingI got the idea for this from one I had seen about a year ago in a pretty shop I go to in Hitchin. That one had the embellishments glued on but I thought it would be nice to stitch them on...it was tough going getting the needle through so maybe thats why they had used glue!! :-)

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Monday, 12 June 2006


Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingI was tagged by Su and thought this would be fun...so here goes now I am bit more awake and have stopped dozing
1) What is your occupation? Hairstylist/Beauty Therapist
2) What colour are your socks right now? I am barefoot but have raspberry toe nails and navy blue suede slippers on
3) What are you listening to now? The music of Emmerdale starting
4) What was the last thing you ate? My evening meal (chicken)
5) Favourite colour? I have a few but maybe raspberry red at the moment
6) Music Preference? Rock/Pop and soul (varies)
7) Last person you talked to on the phone? My mum
8) How old are you today? Oooh...now that would be telling...a lady doesn't say her age!! lol...(now maybe you are all guessing...old or young??)
9) Favourite drink? Tea closely followed by cold lager
10) What is your favorite sport to watch? Rugby Union but I like figure skating as well
11) Have you ever dyed your hair? Name a colour and I've had it...hairdressers and all that...lol
12) Do you wear contacts or glasses? No just my Gucci sunglasses
13) Pets? Cat and a dog
14) What will you stay home to watch? Coronation Street
15) What was the best movie you have seen lately? Happy Gilmore...I love it ROFLMHO
16) What is your favourite day of the year? 1st day of the summer holidays
17) What do you do to vent your anger? Turbo charged cleaning
18) What was your favourite toy as a child? Edward Bear...I still have him
19) Vanilla/Chocolate? Milk chocolate
20) Living arrangements? A family home
21) When was the last time you cried? Mmmmm not sure but probably last time I was really over tired
22) What did you do last night? Washing, ironing, cleaning, thinking, dog walking, stitching...multi tasking...I'm an expert at that!! No wonder I am tired...
23) Favourite smell? A tricky one as I have so many different ones but maybe rose??
24) What inspires you? The jolly happy people of this life..I love them!! To always learn whatever I can while I am here...I want to be a wise old bird one day!!
25) Least favourite person right now? I don't know if I have one but as some-one else said (maybe VeroM) that I remember 'flee the grumblers' and that does for me :-)
I have just been told I am supposed to tag somebody...so if you have time Von I tag you.
Goodnight all Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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